Will The US - China Trade War Send The Markets Tumbling?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"China said Sunday it would review complaints about U.S. exporters' pricing of chicken and auto products after Washington's move to slap punitive sanctions on Chinese tire imports, raising tensions in a trade dispute ahead of two planned meetings between the countries' leaders." in the Wall Street Journal

Is this the match that will ignite a market correction? I think it is. I am watching the early price action in Asia and markets are looking soft. I am already short Dax Futures and I am considering doubling my position when the market opens later today. Globex S&P Futures are already down 10 points, which is a major move for a Sunday night Globex session.

I think people will be running for cover on Wall Street tomorrow and for the next few trading sessions. The party may very well be over. And those who came late to the party will get a decent hangover.


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