Obama's Tax on Oil and Gas

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I recently received a letter from Jim Hackett, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, asking for my help in a grassroots campaign to inform elected officials about the the $400 billion in new taxes that the Obama Administration proposes on the American oil and gas industry.

Now I found this kind of surp[rising because Mr. Hackett has never contacted me before. No cards on my birthday, no fruit cake at Christmas, and no offers to increase my retirement benefits. Not that I am really complaing. After all Mr. Hackett does have a lot on his plate. I am pleased that he contacted me on this issue and hope that other oil and gas CEOs are taking similar measures.

He suggests the following measures:
- Join the API's Partnership for America's Energy Security
at http://www.partnershipforenergy.com/
- Send a message to your elected officials through social networking sites
- Sign the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association nationwide petition on President Obama's
at http://www.loga.la./esa/stop-obamas-tax-inrease.html
- Write or call your eleted officials

During the election, I tried to contact the candidates regarding energy security. I sent them an e-mail from their web sites. The Obama Campaign asked for money, Clinton sent a automated response and I'm still waiting to hear from McCain. I was never able to present my ideas to them.

I hope that this campaign will work because even in those darkest dumb moments that we all have, I cannot see how taxing the oil and gas industry is going to help the economy or lessen US dependency on foreign oil.

Tell your legislators "Don't Bite the Hand that Fuels Them!"


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