Natural Gas Futures Seasonality. Time To Buy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is the Natural Gas Futures seasonal graph that was sent by one the members of this trading community. As you can see this is the best time of the year to be long Natural Gas Futures. The seasonal graph shows us that September and October are the best months for Natural Gas prices increases.

As you know I bought October Natural Gas Futures last week at 2.500, very near the bottom. On friday the natural gas futures spiked higher more then 8% and I had no trouble at all in riding it higher. I am still holding it for higher prices with a stop a little above my entry price to secure a part of my profits no matter what. Anyway I think a major long term bottom in gas prices is already in.

Today I will take the day to watch the US Open. Nadal, Tsonga will be in action today and I am looking forward for the night session where the ressurgent and always spectacular Taylor Dent will meet forces with the brit Andy Murray. I love comebacks and I still remember when Jimmy Connors made a comeback at 42 years old and sent the US Open crowds wild with his fantastic play.


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