Trading Superstitions

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I do not have many superstitions. I don`t even have faith or religion, I have the absence of belief in the existence of deities.

But I have my little market superstitions. For instance when I wake up and positions are running against me, or I have big positions on the market and I am expecting a very volatile day, I always dress up to the occasion. I mean, I wear my best suit, and one of by best ties. In these days only Hugo Boss, Cerruti or Armani ties qualify. Another superstition is to put on my One Million parfum by Paco Rabanne. Its box is a little gold bar.

I do that automatically and that makes me a little more confortable. I think I need the market to respect me in those days and that is why I wear by best clothes. If any phsycologist or a phychiatrist is reading this, please do your own interpretation and post it.

Back to business. I am still short S&P, not with a very big position (lots of room to add to this one) and a small short oil position. Oil inventories will come out later today (actually are coming only tomorrow because of the Memorial Day)and I may add to that position if it comes my way. Oil is trickier to short. All attention is neeeded.

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