ENI`s CEO Says Demand Is Not Behind This Rally

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The rise in oil prices this year has not been caused by a rise in demand, the head of Italian energy firm ENI said on Wednesday. "I don't see the consumption, I don't see the reason why oil prices should move up again," ENI Chief Executive Paolo Scaroni told reporters during a presentation about mechanisms to reduce volatility in the oil market.

I am still short Nymex Crude Oil Futures but I was able to reduce some positions when oil traded down to below 69 dollars moments after the Oil Inventories data release. As I said eralier today I had some buy orders around the 69 dollars level, to close those added shorts. I may put those added short lines tomorrow.

I could only trade for the first hour of the US trading session and I did 2 Guerrilla Trades in the banking sector. They both went OK.

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