I am Fading This Rally in Risk

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am fading this rally in risk that has been going on for the last 9 weeks and I am short S&P Futures and NYMEX Crude Oil Futures.

The futures are green early on, but I think markets yesterday began reversal that will lead us to a correction in the S&P. Oil is rallying in Globex and is trading over 59.40 dollars a barrel.

After a fantastic month of April, where my personal account appreciated over 40% I am having a tough month in May. My two positions are cutting about 8% of my account, but I am confident that this rally in risk, this unintelligent bullishness is misplaced and the bulls are going to be scared off their positions. We can`t always win, can we?

The price of NYMEX crude oil reached 59.49 dollars a barrel on Tuesday, the highest level for six months as the US currency slid against leading currencies. I see a really great opportunity shorting oil on strength.

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