Hugh Hendry says Short Stocks, Buy Dollars

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hugh Hendry told CNBC today:

"I've honestly never known a time of near-universal conviction that we have to worry about inflation today. For quantitative easing there's no successful precedent. It has never, ever succeeded."

Hugh Hendry is very bullish on the US dollar and said,

"I can't buy enough dollars"

Hugh Hendry is short on precious metals and does not fear inflation:

"Gold, silver, I'm shorting them right now. (Inflation) is coming back in the future. All I'm saying it is just an unprofitable proposition at the time"

Despite Tuesday's strong rally in the stock markets, shares are not a good investment, said Hendry, who continues to bet on government bonds.

"I dare you to touch an equity today. Tell me you're making money on equities"

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